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Проект «Индия, Индия…» постоянная Выставка в Мастерской Рябичевых

«Индия, Индия…»
постоянная Выставка
в Мастерской Рябичевых

Dear friend of the Indian people – this is how Prime Minister Indira Gandhi called Russian sculptor Dmitry Ryabichev. The story of this friendship began in 1981 when the International Competition among the three hundred projects for the best monument to Mahatma Gandhi was won by the Russian sculptor, the only participant from Russia.
In the same year Dmitry Ryabichev went to India to create a sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi and his first mate to work on a portrait was his son Alexander.

DMITRY (Daniil) RYABICHEV (1926 — 1995 гг..)

The founder of the Ryabichevs Creative Studio in 1967. Laureate of the USSR State Prize, winner of the UNESCO International Prize, Dmitry Ryabichev created monuments of Mahatma Gandhi (Delhi), of Indira Gandhi (of Bhubaneswar, Orissa), a statue of Jawaharlal Nehru (Moscow). All Indian projects were established in cooperation with his son Alexander Daniilovich Ryabichev.


The head of the Ryabichevs Сreative Studio since 1995, member of the Moscow Union of Artists of Russia (1979), the Jawaharlal Nehru Prize laureate (1992). Alexander Ryabichev worked with his father, a sculptor Dmytry (Daniil) Rabichev, together they created some works, e.g. a monument to Mahatma Gandhi (Delhi), Indira Gandhi (Bhubaneswar, Orissa), and a statue of Jawaharlal Nehru (Moscow).

In 2007, Alexander Ryabichev presented Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center, Embassy of India, Moscow, with a copy of a Mahatma Gandhi bronze sculpture, the original of which is there in Delhi. At the same time Alexander Ryabichev’s exhibition was held in Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre.

In 2008, the «Kolorit» Hall presented a solo exhibition of the sculptor Alexander Ryabichev. The exhibition was visited by Mr Prabhat Shukla.
In 2013, the Ryabichevs’ exhibition on India was inaugurated at the Saratov Regional Museum.
Since 2011 up to the present day, Ryabichevs creative workshop presents the exhibition «India. India…», where one can see works by Dmitry Ryabichev, Alexander Ryabichev, Daniela Ryabicheva, Alexandra Zagryazhskaya, and Sofia Zagryazhskaya.

Born in 1995 in the artistic family of sculptor Alexander and Alexandra Ryabicheva-Zagryazhskaya. A graduate of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts. Daniela Ryabicheva is a student of Surikov State Art Institute.
A member of a traditional exhibition about artistic dynasties of Moscow «The Family of the Artist» (since 2008). А member of the international art project «La Boheme we are together» (from 2010), the theme of «Friendship of Peoples», as well as the art project of the family Ryabichevs «India, India … «in which Danielа shows her works together with the works of her famous father and grandfather Alexander Ryabichev, Dmitry (Daniil) Ryabichev.

Member of the Artists Union of Russia. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Literature. Cavalier Pushkin Medal of the Academy of Russian Literature, «an adherent of enlightenment», Silver Medal Cavalier of the Artists Union of Russia for his contribution to Russian art, photographer, journalist, editor of the news sites about art and artistic life.
Member of exhibition «India. India …» in the Ryabichevs Creative Studio.

Born in Moscow. She graduated from the S.G.Stroganov University of Art, theme «Creativity sculptors Dmitry and Alexander Ryabichev in the context of the national monumental and decorative art,» 2012, Art manager of cultural events, curator of art projects, including «The Family of the Artist» about artistic dynasties (pavilion «Culture», Ryabichevs Creative Studio), «From classical to avant-garde BriArt Design studio, Ryabichevs Creative Studio),» India. India … «( Ryabichevs Creative Studio), author of articles and essays on the artists and works of art, editor of the portal» Gallery «Alexander», “Арт-Релиз.РФ». Сurator of exhibition «India. India …» in the Ryabichevs Creative Studio.

Ryabichevs Creative Studio today
Today RYABICHEVS CREATIVE STUDIO is represented by artists Alexander Ryabichev, Daniela Ryabicheva, Alexandra Zagryazhskaya, and Sofia Zagryazhskaya, who, together with other artists, public figures and organizations are involved in constructive activities aimed at promoting the artistic traditions of contemporary art, the strengthening of friendly relations between nations, and educational work. Ryabichevs Creative Studio participates in exhibitions, conferences and various art and educational projects in Moscow and in Russia.

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